About Us

You know your company is incredible. Its mission, the products, the service. But there’s one big problem: How can you convey this to the world? We’ve got you covered.

We know your company is priceless. Whether you built it with your own two hands or you believe in its decades-old mission, it’s amazing in every way and the world needs to know about it.

We understand the complexity of breaking into a saturated social media market. We know you want your business to succeed, your organization to thrive, and your message to be heard. In order to achieve so much, you need a virtual presence that conveys your brand and engages your audience.

One small problem — your company is lacking the needed tools to make an amazing marketing video. Just the thought creates frustration and anxiety. Where do you start?

We’ve been crafting marketing videos for all types of organizations for years, utilizing the tools of story, image, and sound. Each video is uniquely crafted to honor the authenticity of the brand while compelling customers to take action. Rooted in West Michigan, we honor the traditions that comprise lakeshore culture while embracing the momentum of modern industry. Your brand, product and service will have the edge when we pair experience, empathy, and artistry to develop marketing videos that tell your story, convey your brand, and create customers for life. Every organization deserves a voice in the market place… Especially yours.

David Purnell has collaborated with many industry leaders to create audio, music, and video content that tells their story, strengthens their brand and expands their mission. His unique production style is rich with empathy, creativity and dedication. He guarantees a well-crafted product that yields results above and beyond expectations.

How We Work

Local Partner

Founded in West Michigan, DP Creative Audio & Video understands the culture of the Lakeshore while embracing the momentum of modern industry. This region is ideal for business growth, and we are dedicated to empowering you with dynamic videos that share your story, convey your brand, engage your customers, and speak to your audience.

Personal Approach

We understand how story, image, and sound work together to create an emotional, mental, and physical response. Well-crafted, story-driven videos impact the heart and compel a positive response from your audience. We are a small production company by intention; we listen to your story, understand your need, and craft a product that is authentically yours.

Creative Vision

DP Creative Audio & Video brings a creative, story-driven vision to your video project. We listen closely to your ideas, desires, and the intent of the project. We take the elements of image, sound, and music and turn them into a story that compels empathy, compassion and conviction.